Western Young Life Takes Part in the First Ever College Weekend in Colorado

Morgan Aragon / Special to the Top

WSCU Young Life embarked on a road trip with 20 Western students to Crooked Creek Ranch, joining over a dozen Colorado and Utah colleges for a few days of rest and fun.

On Oct. 21, five cars lined up outside the Pinnacles apartments, waiting for students to arrive. Patagonia jackets on and Chaco’s packed, Western Young Life members were thrilled for a weekend getaway to retreat and grow deeper in their faith with Jesus Christ.

Young Life College, a national organization focused on building relationships and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, traveled four hours to Fraser, CO, where the prestigious Crooked Creek Ranch resides. Dozens of schools traveled far distances to this ranch for College Weekend. This is the first ever College Weekend in Colorado since Young Life was started in 1941 by Jim Rayburn.

“This is the most fun I’ve had in my college experience so far. By being here, I’ve been able to get to know the other girls better, and through that, experience God in a deeper way that I hadn’t before” said Western freshman, Madison Northen.

Activities such a ziplining, rock climbing, singing, games, volleyball, ping pong, a Halloween dance, the Young Life store, and so much more awaited the college students as they drove into the gates of camp. The retreat lasted only three short days, but the sight of familiar faces and relationships developing with others and their Heavenly Father left students with an eternal impact.

The Western students, along with hundreds of others, gathered before “club,” playing games and singing songs. As the doors swung open, students came rushing in to sing songs and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. San Diego State Young Life Director, John C. Byard, flew from Southern California to share the story of Jesus in three club sessions. His enthusiasm and love for Christ served as a vessel to students’ hearts.  

“Camp was so much more than I expected it to be. It gave me the opportunity to take a serious look at my faith while also giving me endless opportunities to build relationships with tons of new people,” said Western freshman, Lindsey Herman.

Students from UNC, CSM, UCC, WSCU, and more parted ways once again on the last day back to their schools, refreshed and with a strengthened relationship with Jesus, radically changed and motivated to make a difference on their college campus.

Young Life College meets every Monday at 8:01 p.m. at Webster Hall: 107 N Iowa Street. Small groups, for deeper conversation about faith, meet every week. Girls meet at 8:01pm on Wednesday nights at Brushfire Coffeehouse. Guys meet every Thursday at 8:01pm at 910 Sunny Slope Drive. For more information, visit Western Young Life’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.