Spring Semester Looks for Ambitious for Mountaineer Media

Written by Stephanie Colton

Mountaineer Media, Western’s film club, has many projects in store for the Spring semester. Mountaineer Media is a co-curricular club which gives film students, and other students who express interest, an introduction to the medium. Members direct and create short narratives, promotional videos for the university, and a wide spectrum of class projects, such as stop motion films. This creates opportunities for all members, from beginners that are just learning how to operate a camera to dedicated film students that are looking to bring their own scripts to action.

One main objective for Mountaineer Media this semester is to create a video to present to the Council for Creative Expression (CCE). The CCE provides funding for many of the artistically based co-curricular programs on campus, such as Peak Productions, Pathfinder Magazine, and many others. This video will display the duties and accomplishments of the club to justify its funding.

The club also plans to collaborate on smaller projects, like a comedy involving a live-action version of Dungeons and Dragons. Mountaineer Media is also accepting script submissions, as new material is always encouraged. The deadline for the submission is Feb. 12. To introduce more students to the art of filmmaking, Mountaineer Media is hosting a storyboard demo on Feb. 15 in the Media Center, located in Taylor Hall. For any additional information about the club, feel free to email mountaineermediaproductions@gmail.com.