KWSB’s Suicide Prevention Week

Annual week long event aims to create conversation on mental illness and suicide.

Roberta Marquette-Strain / Senior Staff Writer

Students participating in car smash. Photo by Roberta Marquette-Strain
Students participating in car smash. Photo by Roberta Marquette-Strain

Students were bundled up in heavy jackets and huddled together inside the Quigley band shell, cheering and laughing together as they danced along to the upbeat techno-rock sounds. A hail storm had just blown through and the rain never stopped. The band members’ breath could be seen as they sung out to the crowd. It was an odd scene, but everyone had gathered together on that Friday night to celebrate the final big event of KWSB’s Suicide Prevention Week (SPW).

    SPW, organized by Western’s radio station KWSB, featured a number of events such as a car smash and an obstacle course, hosted a showing of the film “My Depression,” and ended with a concert in the Quigley bandshell featuring the band Someone Special and headlined by Tallows.

    The main goal of SPW was to start a conversation on mental health and the stigma surrounding it. “If people never talk about suicide prevention, there is no way for others to understand how many lives are affected by suicide,” said Kiera Classen, KWSB’s Station Manager.

    The events weren’t the only promotions for suicide prevention. Throughout the week, a banner decorated with L;VE on it was shown in the University Center. Classen said that the banner, “Got people to start talking about what L;VE meant, and why it was posted around campus.”

The importance of L;VE is the semicolon within. The use of a semicolon in writing, when an author wants to end a sentence but continues on, can be applied to suicide prevention, when a person wants to end their life but continues on.