Gunnison Trump Tax March set for Apr. 15

Citizens can add their voices to the call for the President to release his tax returns at the Gunnison Trump Tax Return March, Sat. Apr. 15, from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. The one-mile event through downtown Gunnison starts and ends at W. Virginia Ave. and N. Wisconsin St. Map and details are available under Local Marches at

            Although it’s being called a march, it’s actually a peaceful walk, according to Gunnison grassroots organizers.  They emphasized that the event is not a protest.

           “It’s an opportunity for people to unite and express a common view and add their voices to demand transparency and the release of the President’s tax returns,” said one. Participants are expected to keep on the sidewalks, not block sidewalks or businesses, and follow basic traffic and pedestrian laws like using crosswalks.

              According to national Tax March officials, “Everyone participating in this event will be required to abide by all applicable laws and lawful orders of authorities. This event will be nonviolent and will not involve any civil disobedience or other violation of law.”

           The local group does request that banners and other materials be appropriate for public display and avoid being questionable in taste.

           “The National Tax March isn’t an organization–it’s a movement. The White House said no one cares about the President’s tax returns. We are marching because the President must

be accountable to the American people. On Apr. 15, we will demand that Trump act in the public interest and release his returns,” according to a media release from the national group.