Borick Scholars Weekend

Potential Mountaineers come to Western for a chance to earn scholarships through the Borick Innovation Project.

Staff Writer/ Grace Flynn

Prospective business students listen to a speaker. Photo by Grace Flynn

During the three day weekend of Feb. 17- 19, students were brought in from all over the nation to work together to create an idea and present it to faculty of the Borick Business building. This is the third year the event has been put on by the Business School.

“This year we had a total of 17 students attend this scholarship event, and this is the largest group we’ve had since starting. The question that they’re working to answer is ‘How might we reimagine the classroom experience to improve learning outcomes?’” said Annie Westbury, who was working the event.

Students started their weekend by learning some key ideas from Western professor Dr. Christopher Green during his Innovation Design Bootcamp Workshop. These ideas helped them to accomplish the task at hand, and allowed them to use their time to the best of their advantage.

A scholarship contender works on his project. Photo by Grace Flynn

“Steve Borick and Pete Sherman wanted to create a scholarship for the School of Business. We pitched to them the idea of the innovation weekend. We wanted to create something fun for students that was more than us just lecturing to them,” said Dr. Green.

The students are divided randomly into groups, and work together to design their project. The students have a full night to work to create a prototype to present to a board of judges. The next day, these creators present their ideas and then move on to preparing for individual interviews.

Working in the School of Business, these students also have a chance to talk and work with previous winners of this event. Current business and ICE students help to give these new students’ ideas to enhance their projects.

“During the last hour the group had to work, our project finally came together. It was a pretty stressful project but it was fun,” said Ashley Stewart, a business administration major with an emphasis in entrepreneurship, who attended this event – and won a scholarship last year.

The students recruited for this weekend need to have a 3.0 GPA at their current high school, received a 22 or higher on their ACT, and have applied and been accepted into Western.

If these students receive either first, second or third place on their group presentations, they will each receive a certain amount of money. The amount will differ for each place and for each event.

After the two days of hard working and scholarship earning, the students were given the chance to explore the valley by skiing at Crested Butte or cross country skiing with Wilderness Pursuits. Last winter, 80 percent of students who attended this event attended Western in the fall.